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Sacuba Eyewear has been established for technological advance in eyewear industry. With our products selling in the worldwide market, the designs of our sunglasses have always focused on product innovation and performance. The aim is not just to come up with series of sunglasses to sell. We choose to develop sunglasses that outperform with greater benefits for wearers. After years of research and development, we have launched the new self-clean sunglasses in 2017. This product has proudly become a new Australian invention. Self-clean feature provides the advantage for anyone wearing the sunglasses for sport and marine activities.  Not only this product development we offer today, we will continue to develop and expand new types of eyeglasses with self-clean feature in the near future including prescribed optical frames. Quality is another important value we place on our products. We choose to use high-end materials for production only. Each product is also tested to make sure it reaches our high level of criteria before it is out for sale on the market. 

About Us

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