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How it works?

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      How self-clean feature works



These frames are specially designed with built-in lens cleaning pads (see cut out diagrams below). As the lens pass through the frame in the cleaning steps, the cleaning pads can wipe clean the lens surface on both sides. These pads are made from high-end microfibre cusioned with soft sponge inside.  Microfibre is the same material use for general lens cleaning to effectively remove dust particle, water drop and oil. The inner sponge act as cusion to protect lens surface. It can imitate the same strength and softness as using hands to wipe lens with cleaning cloth. In addition, the frame is made from super flexible and durable material known as TR90 to support this feature. 

Simple steps to clean lens


To clean the lens is as easy as 3 steps to take. It can either be done on your hand or in wearing the sunglasses


Step 1 Push the lens up from the bottom edge while holding the frame still as indicated by the demo.


Step 2 Lower the lens back down by pushing on the grooves from the top edge of lens.  Repeat up and down few times for better result if required.


Step 3 After cleaning the lens, press the lens down to align edge with frame so can engage together stably.

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