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Product Features

Interchangeable Lenses

Quick and easy

lens changing


      Interchangeable Lenses


Unlike conventional lens changing systems which is difficult and time consuming to change lens, Sacuba sunglasses utilize Pivotlock -advanced interchangeable system that makes lens changing easier and quicker for adapting to different activities, lighting and weather conditions.  

SMOKE(grey) lens has no colour distortion and can reduce greater amount of light transmission than other colours. This lens is ideal for outdoor activities and sport which can be exposed to strong sunlight such as water sport, sailing, boating, snowboarding, skiing or driving in sunny days.



AMBER(brown) lens can blocks out the hazy blue light to allow a crisp vision. It is ideal for sport that need judging distance such as golf, tennis, baseball and soccer, where focus is not on blue sky and green lawn. Amber lens is more common to use in cloudy days.

YELLOW lens can increase clarity and contrast in overcast, foggy or rainy weather condition. This makes it a great choice for bike riders, racquetball players and hunters. With higher transparency than other lenses, it is more suitable to use in early morning, evening, night time or for indoor activities and eye protection.

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